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Terri has been a retail/consignment expert since 1979. Her ads and website reach thousands of buyers every day! Now she's using everything she;s learned to help local businesses in her own community.

Experience Shop Local Deals' white glove service today!

For home business, we assist in pictures, pricing, negotiating, & delivery service.

  • Receive 70%, 75%, 80%
  • Item stays at home
  • Viewable online 24/7
  • When sold we coordinate details
  • Free in-store pick up

Join our digital mall, we sell and provide co-op advertising for everything from coupons to large ticket items.

  • Receive 95%
  • Item stay in YOUR store.
  • Professional sales team available Monday – Friday
  • Additonal fee may apply
  • Pick up service available
  • Your item or services will benefit from both in-store and online traffic, as well as social, digital and media marketing
  • We offer full service from pricing to delivery
  • Your items are priced with Terri’s exclusive blue book
  • Then your item is displayed on our shopping cart
  • Our expert sales team knows how to negotiate and get your items or services sold.
Home Business
  • Online items remain in your home or business until sold
  • We assist you with getting good pictures, pricing and negotiating to get your best price
  • We handle all the questions and secure the money
  • Then when it is sold, our call center will arrange all the final shipping details with you and the buyer
  • Then we’ll mail you the check
  • Online shopping is the big trend today! It’s like buying an ad space on eBay, every day
  • We send out Groupon-like emails to sell your items or best deals
  • We display your ads in all of our ShopTerri’s sites.
  • Our sales staff is selling and sharing your deals with every customer that comes into Terri’s Consign & Design Furnishing stores
  • We can sell your dinner deals, services, or goods with
  • We also have a co-op marketing newsletter to help support our local business community
Return Policy

Sale is final once delivery is made and buyer has accepted item.

Misrepresentation (Size & Condition)

  • If item is misrepresented by seller, the buyer will call for return instructions.
  • will reimburse buyer for shipping of the misrepresented item.
  • Buyer will ship item to corporate location.
  • will act as arbitrator to evaluate the misrepresented item.
  • Original purchase price will be credited back to buyer.

If Item is Not Wanted

  • Contact and we will send you return address of seller.
  • Ship item(s) back to seller at buyers cost.
  • Buyer will incur the sellers original shipping cost which will be deducted from the buyers credit card.
  • All remaining money will be credited back to buyers credit card.

** is not responsible for items damaged during shipping process. Buyer is responsible for insuring the value of the item(s) being shipped.

Larger item can be picked up at designated stores or can be delivered by local trucking company. The sale is considered final once the item is picked up by buyer or delivered to buyer by local trucking company. Sale becomes final once Acceptance Form is signed.

Misrepresentation (Size & Condition)

  • If item is misrepresented, buyer will refuse item upon delivery.
  • Buyer will be credited back purchase price and buyer will not incur shipping cost after the misrepresentation claim is verified.

If Item is Not Wanted

  • Purchase price will be refunded to buyer less the cost of shipping.
  • **Upon signing of Acceptance Form, sale is final.
  • **Large items shipped between interstate lines are final sales.

All sales are final but we will listen if there is a problem. Consign Dept. handles ALL customer returns only by email at!

Consign Agreement

Online Consignment Contract Terms (Home Only)

Terms for Consignment of Services or Goods

  1. Item(s) are consigned with (SLD) on a 90 day contract and the item(s) stay in your home until SOLD.
  2. Items are listed online with the agreed upon price and after every 30 days, we generally use a markdown of 10-20%.
  3. We do take offers on, if the offer is more than the already approved 10-20% markdown, we will contact you.
  4. Consignor will not be notified when item is out of contract. At the 90 period, the item will be removed from the SLD website. Consignor has the option to resubmit item on a new contract.
  5. Item(s) must be available for sale until sold or 90 day contract is up, if you sell item or get rid of it, you MUST contact us at to remove item from website


  • Items selling for $1 – $1500 – Consignor receives 70%
  • Items selling for $1500 – $5000 – Consignor receives 75%
  • Items selling for $5000+ – Consignor receives 80%
  • A 1% processing fee is applied at the time of the sell.

For items categorized as mailable, the consignor is responsible for paying mailing costs and send item to buyer. Items must be securely packaged to preserve quality. All items must be mailed to buyer or dropped off at corporate location within 4 days of sale, or it may jeopardize the sale. If they buyer doesn’t receive mailed item within 10 days, sale may be jeopardized. All fine jewelry must be mailed to the corporate office for authentication before any sale is final. You must also declare a value and have a required signature for package release. All appliances and or electrical items must be in good working condition. If the item is returned, no payout will be rewarded and ownership of item is forfeited. Check will be processed and mailed by the 25th day, of the following month. Consignor is responsible to notify SLD of any address change. Consignor must cash the check within 180 days. Requests to replace lost checks will be honored however; the bank fee of $15 – 25 will be passed on to the consignor. Corporate Location
14647 S. 50th St.
Suite #100
Phoenix, AZ 85044

Ownership of Consigned Items

  1. The consignor retains ownership of all consigned items through the terms of the contract and understands that these items are not insured by SLD and remain under the homeowner’s policy, up to the point of sale.
  2. Consignor may terminate the contract at any time during the term of the contract. All items remain available for sale until contract expires. Consignor agrees to be available for 90 days while item is for sale. Consignor must notify SLD if unavailable for 7 days or more. SLD will remove item from web until consignor is available.
  3. SLD may offer web sale with an additional percentage off all items at any time.
  4. For all consignment questions, contact us in MST: 480.289.4123